The General Medical Council Lie

I recently went through a GMC disciplinary procedure and was amazed at the dishonesty of the organisation.

If you want to read about my case it's here, but the purpose of this website is to describe what is going on in the GMC, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) and its panellists.

The GMC's investigation officer was Daniel Gore and his manager was Neil Murray. They lied to the panel in my case by saying that they did not know what type of work I do:



A few months earlier Daniel Gore had written to my manager and received an email back explaining exactly what type of work I do:


‘He is employed as a clinical research physician and in that role performs medical review of patients in clinical trials.’


The email went of to say, ‘There are no internal complaints regarding professional or personal conduct’, ‘there are no quality assurance issues’, ‘he has a reputation for thoroughness, thoughtfulness and insight that have caused the teams with which he works to request he remain with the teams’, ‘he has shown me and the teams a clear and well developed concern for patient welfare beyond the standard requirements’, ‘he has never needed remedial retraining’, ‘while I would be duty bound to report issues that would impair his fitness to practise, there is not a shred of evidence of that in his work performance here.’ The full email is here.

Rather than give such a positive email to the panel, Daniel Gore pretended that he had received nothing from my manager. Then in the same breath the GMC went on to question my honesty.


More lies

The GMC accused me of making threats when the most threatening thing I said was 'I'll bring my daughter to see you when she's 16'.

In a further demonstration of hypocrisy the GMC threatened me twice:

Daniel Gore: 'I'd think very carefully about not cooperating with the GMC'.  Neil Murray: 'I should therefore make you aware that the GMC may seek to adduce your emails before the panel'. Neither the GMC nor I were particularly threatening but the GMC's aim was to paint as bad a picture about me as possible and present it to the public.


The panel

To this day, the GMC have refused to tell me how the panel in my case was selected. My case was about fathers' rights campaigning - and the organisations we campaign against include social services and the legal profession. My panel consisted of

Gill Mullen - a former manager in a children's department of social services who has been criticised before.

John Elliott - a lawyer.

Anita Clay - a doctor who hasn't worked as a doctor since 1999, choosing instead to work as a herbalist. She charges £80 and gives patients treatments for which there is no evidence of safety or efficacy. Personally I think she should be struck off.



The GMC is an organisation whose objective is not to help patients but to look good, and it does so by making doctors look bad. It's run by PR people.

The doctor is on his own, up against a powerful organisation that lies and plays dirty to win, and as a result the GMC kills 9 doctors per year.

My name will be published on the GMC's website for 10 years, so I will publish Daniel Gore's name on this website for 10 years.