This website is to share my experiences of the dishonesty of the General Medical Council.  I recently went through a General Medical Council disciplinary procedure during which the GMC lied to the panel.

My case was about misconduct (fathers’ rights campaigning) and you can read about it here.  But the purpose of this website is to describe what is going on in the GMC and the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service and its panellists.

The Investigation Officer at the General Medical Council was Daniel Gore and he lied about me.  His manager, Neil Murray, knew about the lie and is therefore equally dishonest.


Daniel Gore’s lie

At the hearing in December 2015 the three panellists of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service were told that the GMC didn't know what kind of work I was doing:



(The full excerpt from the hearing is here)


A few months earlier Daniel Gore had written to my manager and received a response which stated the following:


‘He is employed as a clinical research physician and in that role performs medical review of patients in clinical trials.’


My manager’s email went on to state the following: ‘There are no internal complaints regarding professional or personal conduct’, ‘there are no quality assurance issues’, ‘he has a reputation for thoroughness, thoughtfulness and insight that have caused the teams with which he works to request he remain with the teams’, ‘he has shown me and the teams a clear and well developed concern for patient welfare beyond the standard requirements’, ‘he has never needed remedial retraining’, ‘while I would be duty bound to report issues that would impair his fitness to practise, there is not a shred of evidence of that in his work performance here.’  The full email is here.

So the GMC deliberately witheld from the MPTS important positive information about me. Six years studying, 25 years working and now I find that my regulator lies about me so that it can look good.

This is corruption.



During the hearing (which I boycotted) there was a discussion about my honesty or lack of it.  Daniel Gore had nothing to suggest that I am dishonest, it sprang out of nowhere.  Claiming that a doctor was ‘dishonest and misleading’ this is one of the GMC’s favourite tactics.  Ironically the GMC are as dishonest as many of the doctors they discipline.


Another lie

Daniel Gore lied again, he claimed I was ‘threatening’.  This is an allegation you can see frequently on the GMC's website. It is the GMC’s way of portraying the doctor as a monster. This was my so-called threat (for the context, see the page about my case):

‘I will bring my daughter to see you when she is sixteen.’

I could be wrong but I don’t think that’s much of a threat.  A child who has been seriously harmed by our family justice system should have the right, when older, to meet the people who claimed to be acting in her interests when she was a child.

Daniel Gore made his own threat to me:

‘I’d think very carefully about not cooperating with the GMC’.

He said it in a manacing tone of voice.


Neil Murray's threat

I sent Neil Murray numerous examples of fathers' rights protests, I was trying to explain that this is a real problem and that I am not the only one protesting.

Instead of showing any signs of understanding or sympathy, he threatened to use my emails as further evidence against me

So the GMC were dishonest, misleading and threatening (twice).

When I read the allegation that I had been threatening I stopped cooperating with the GMC.  I could see that this was being done for show.


Panellists (including a 'medical herbalist')

In my opinion it was likely that the three MPTS panellists in my case were chosen because of the probability that they would strike me off. These were the panellists:


Gill Mullen

John Elliott

Dr Anita Clay ( the 'medical herbalist')


John Elliott is a barrister and Gill Mullen a manager in children’s services – both of those professions are highly criticised by fathers’ right campaigners.  They were the wrong people to choose if neutrality is important.  Gill Mullen has been criticised before (see the section on criticism), it seems to me that she is a 'friend' of the GMC, happy to do their bidding in return for money.

The third panellist was Dr Anita Clay, a ‘medical herbalist’, a medical doctor who treats patients with herbs rather than conventional medicines.

She is the only doctor I know who uses treatments for which there is no evidence of efficacy, and she makes a personal profit from it - £75 per consultation.  This is a breach of the GMC’s 'Good Medical Practice’ which states that the best treatment should be given.  She has a website full of false claims about herbal medicines and psychobabble about eliminating toxins from the body.  It's designed to impress sick people and maximise her profit.  I wonder if she can name one of these toxins?  If nothing else, read her website and ask yourself why this person is an MPTS panellist.

I tried to obtain information on how the panellists were selected but the GMC refused to provide it.

With someone like Anita Clay being a medical panellist, I strongly suspect that the GMC, the MPTS and panellists are a clique of people who are doing this for the money.  The panellists, who each earn £930 per case, have an incentive be on the side of the GMC so that they are invited back for more cases.  Incidentally, you can see that a freedom of information request regarding panellists’ fees was made to the MPTS but the reply is on GMC headed paper, illustrating the lack of independence of the two organisations.

The GMC would claim that it is the MPTS who choose the panellists but it was clear to me that the GMC and the MPTS are one and the same organisation.


The GMC’s attempt to remove this website

The GMC are attempting to have this website removed. An injunction has been issued and is being appealed.

The GMC has become a big PR exercise. They strike off doctors for show, attempt to snuff out negative publicity and are all over social media.  The GMC has accounts on the following social media sites:  Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube, Audioboo, Slideshare, Pinterest, Flickr, Storify etc.  Storify?  Why does the GMC need to be on Storify?  It’s clear that some PR person thinks this is necessary.


GMC Suicides

Many doctors commit suicide while under GMC disciplinary proceedings and it is not surprising given the way GMC staff behave.  What is concerning is the sheer number of them, one doctor every 5.3 weeks.



Daniel Gore, in 2015 while working at the General Medical Council you lied, stating that you didn’t know what kind of work I do and you withheld from the panellists a very positive email from my manager.  Found proved in its entirety.

You made a false allegation that I had threatened people.  Found proved.

You requested that the false allegation be placed on the website of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service.  Found proved.

You threatened me.  Found proved.

You punished me for standing up to the dishonesty of the GMC.  Found proved.  Your behaviour was a serious departure from that expected of GMC personnel.

Your actions:

  • Were dishonest.  Found proved.
  • Were misleading.  Found proved.
  • Were threatening.  Found proved.
  • Were hypocritical.  Found proved.

You have brought the General Medical Council into disrepute.

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