During my separation from the mother of our 7 year old daughter, she lied about domestic abuse as some mothers do (and some fathers of course). As a result I was separated form my daughter. I later discovered that my daughter had undergone significant psychological harm due to her separation from me, with bed wetting at the age of 7, crying at night, talking to her teddy bear saying how much she missed me, throwing things at her mother, and she needed psychotherapy. The reason for her distress is that I had been keeping her happy during the separation of her parents and she suddenly lost that support. She had always been a daddy's girl - she used to sit by the window waiting for me to get home from work, she would come to me instead of her mother when she was upset, if she had a question she would ask me because she knew I would tell her the truth and whenever she wanted to do some activities it was always with me. So it's not surprising that she sufferred so much when she was suddenly separated from me.

I could describe my suffering too, but people don't usually care about fathers.

My daughter's mother also has a son from a previous relationship who she took away from his father too. She's done it twice.

Many people knew where my daughter was and didn't tell me... teachers, social workers, the police etc. They could have intervened to end my daughter's suffering but they did nothing. I was forced to ask permission from a court to see the child I had never harmed and who wanted to see me. I even had to pay the courts money to stop her suffering.

For the next 18 months I complained through all the normal routes about what had happened... I complained to the police, children's services departments, I wrote to my MP, councillors, the local government ombudsman etc. None of my complaints were taken seriously. At each step of the way I was sure there would be someone around the corner who could see how wrong it is to separate a person from their child. But at the end of the 18 months when none of my complaints had been upheld, I realised that that the separation of children from their fathers is something that is considered acceptable in our culture.

Society has often got things wrong over the years - the slave trade, the burning alive of witches, the jailing of gay men etc - and the separation of children from their fathers is something that society is getting wrong today. There is nothing special about the present day that make us immune from making mistakes.

If the separation of a father from a child were relatively harmless, I would have walked away and done nothing. But it's not harmless, it's not like losing a friend or having your car stolen. The permanent separation of a parent from their child is as much a violation of someone's basic biology as physically wounding a person, rape, an acid attack etc - there are very few things more harmful. Ask any parent. It's something that should never happen but it occurs thousands of time per year in the UK, possibly causing several hundred male suicides, and it has been established beyond doubt to harm the children. It is 100% preventable if only our judges would start to punish the perpetrators.

Having got nowhere with my complaints I understood why the fathers' rights movement is becoming more vigorous. Attempting to reason with judges and MPs in a civilised manner for the last 40 years has achieved nothing. They just don't understand how serious it is to separate parents from their children, and in the case of judges it's worse than ignorance, they come from a background in which they made money from it.

So this is what I did:

I wrote to hundreds of people about what had happened - MPs, chief constables, schools etc. I named the social workers, teachers and police officers who stood by and did nothing to end my daughter's distress. In my letters I included the details of my daughter's suffering, the crying, bed wetting etc.

The GMC thought that was wrong so they lied about me and then struck me off.