My case


My case was about fathers’ rights campaigning.

During the breakdown of my relationship with my ex-partner, she suddenly took my daughter away my daughter and I didn’t know where she was for 3 months. My daughter, who was 7 at the time, was so distressed by the separation from me that she cried herself to sleep, threw things at her mother, wet her bed for the first time in her life and needed psychotherapy. Four years later she was still crying and a year after that she started self harming.

Many professional people knew where my daughter was and refused to tell me, even though they acknowledged that I had never harmed her, and that it was clear that she was undergoing significant psychological harm due to the separation from me.

I spent 18 months complaining through all the normal routes and got nowhere. I realised that the extremely harmful practice of separating children from perfectly good fathers is so common that it is considered normal. So I decided to join the fathers' rights movement and do my bit of fighting back. I would much prefer our authorities to tackle this problem on our behalf but that's not going to happen.

So I emailed every member of parliament, every chief constable, all the local schools and all heads of children’s services departments (in total about 2000 people).  In my emails I described the features of my daughter’s distress, the bed wetting, crying herself to sleep etc., and I named the people who stood by and let it happen.

Fathers have asked for this to stop for the last 40 years and nothing has changed.  We have tried reasoning with judges and MPs without success. There is now a father’s rights movement that is approaching this problem in a more robust way. We realise that doing things the 'civilised' way is not going to acheive anything - there is too much money being made by the legal profession, and the feminism of those claiming to 'care' for our children has become too radicalised.

Despite our forthright methods, not a single fathers' rights campaigner has done anything remotely as harmful as taking a child away from a parent

I was given two injunctions to stop writing emails and was referred to the GMC who struck me off. It’s part of a sequence of events that many civil rights movements have gone through: Firstly asking change without success, then fighting back and being punished for it, and finally winning.  Several fathers have alreadly been jailed for protests.

My daughter and I are victims of the GMC’s witnesses, not the other way round.

Daniel Gore doesn't have children.


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